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Welcome to the official wiki of BigFooty's fantasy football league, the Sweet Football Association, the best place to visualise yourself taking marks and kicking goals without getting off your arse.

The Sweet FA is BigFooty's only fantasy football league, where users of the forum can partake in the league as one of many simulated players in a variety of different teams, each with their own unique players and the posters behind them. It is also the oldest active simulated Australian rules football league, and the first to access the internet for its player base.

The league has just completed it's 26th season. The reigning premiers are the Mount Buller Demons.

Current Teams[edit]

Team Name Years Flags
Baghdad Bombers.png Baghdad Bombers S04 – 4 (S07, S09, S14, S23)
Coney Island Warriors.png Coney Island Warriors S18 – 0
East Side Hawks.png East Side Hawks S06 – 1 (S12)
Fighting Furies.png Fighting Furies S03 – 5 (S05, S08, S10, S11, S20)
Geelong Gumbies.png Gumbies FFC S04 – 1 (S16)
Gold City Royals.png Gold City Royals S16 – 0
Las Vegas Bears.png Las Vegas Bears S05 – S07; S18 – 1 (S22)
Mount Buller Demons.png Mount Buller Demons S01 – 2 (S18, S26)
Roys FFC.png Roys FFC S03 – S08; S11 – 2 (S04, S25)
Southern Dragons.png Dragons FFC S08 – 1 (S19)
Alberton Swamprats.png Sin City Swamprats S05 – S08; S10; S16 – 1 (S06)
West Coast Wonders.png West Coast Wonders S01 – 5 (S01, S13, S15, S17, S21)

Former Teams[edit]

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