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Warriors home kit, season 24
Warriors away kit, season 24
Coney Island Warriors FFC
Coney Island Warriors FFC
Full name Coney Island Warriors Fantasy Football Club
Nickname(s) Warriors, The Orange Army
Motto Liberium Esse Vexillum - "Free to be the Standard"
Club details
Founded Season 18
Colours Orange, Black and White
Competition Sweet FA
Coach Brad Hardie
Captain(s) Frankston Rover
Premierships Nil
Ground(s) Van Cortlandt Park (capacity: 422,350)

The Coney Island Warriors (also depicted as Coney Island FFC) is a current club in the Sweet FA, captained by Frankston Rover, and based at Van Cortlandt Park, New York. The club was accepted into the league prior to Season 18.

Coney Island Warriors History[edit]

The club is vaguely related to a previously failed bid OFG Warriors. This bid failed to win a spot into the league for Season 16, losing out to the re-born Alberton Swamprats and the Gold City Royals. The bid was then re-established with a view to enter the competition for Season 18 with the bid again headed by Karnezis_13 who lead the previous bid. The OFG is from the “Other Footy Games” Board on BigFooty.

Many of the players from that bid were not part of the new bid.

Due to some internal issues, the bid floundered with some key members of the bid leaving. Frankston Rover, Sydney Bloods and BoshtrichBurger then set about building the club from the ground up with less than 5 months before the vote was to take place.

The name 'Coney Island' was raised by Sydney Bloods and given the nickname 'Warriors' it is based on the 1979 cult movie, The Warriors. This name was chosen as the new name for the club.

The colours of orange and black were retained with the addition of white. The logo and geurseys were designed by lmach, a BigFooty poster.

As with the last bid, there was a strong policy of bringing in new talent. This time Bay 13 was targeted in an effort to bring in posters who could have maximum input into match threads.

The team was announced midway through round 15 of Season 17. Players announced as part of the bid were current Sweet FA'ers BoshtrichBurger, Sydney Bloods, amos, Son of Skeletor and DeeWong6996, as well as former Royal lmach and new posters Haduken, candiehappy, Lord_Flashheart, BigJoeD_ and Stronzo.

With the bid fast approaching, numbers swelled to over 26 players but the club was seen as a risk and with the possibility of up to 3 teams looking for admission, the club was in no way assured of a league spot.

Voting took place and on the 22nd May, 2014 the decision was made:

THE LAS VEGAS BEARS have been admitted into the SFA for S18 by committee vote (8-2 in favour). Congratulations to pantskyle and the leadership team for putting together a very strong bid. We look forward to seeing what you have to offer as a team for S18.

THE CONEY ISLAND WARRIORS have been admitted into the SFA for S18 by split vote (5-5, admin's call). Congratulations to Frankston Rover and the leaders at the Warriors for putting together a solid team.

The Warriors were in.

The team that ran out for Round 1 was:

Warriors Inaugural Side
B: amos Sydney Bloods (vc) oogac
HB: Mofra Frankston Rover (c) Plugger35
C: Lord_Flashheart Mr_Smooth thetradesman
HF: LittleJoeD_ alex_is_on_fire Stronzo
F: Brucie Buffer InvinciBLUES deathevocation
R: Haduken candiehappy zackah
Int: DeeWong6996 Aussie Rocker
Coach: Les Bian

The Warriors saw huge success in their first season. They won their first home match, first road match, and their first finals match. In addition, they had a recorded seven wins in their first nine matches. The club then lost five out of six heading into finals, squeaking through by 13 points over the Roys in the elimination final. The semi-final saw the Warriors travel to Punt Road where the Furies soundly defeated the visiting Warriors by more than forty points. Best and Fairest was Lord Flashheart with InvinciBLUES the leading goalkicker with 47/

Season 19

Season 19 was another successful season which saw the Warriors win the Minor Premiership and make their first Grand Final. Unfortunately, in controversial circumstances, the Warriors lost to the Dragons. The magical El Dubya won the B&F and the clubs first TFLUA Medal and Stronzo won the club goalkicking with 82 goals.

Season 20

Season 20 saw BigJoeD_ take over as skipper and the transition saw the Warriors struggle on field, probably due to poor leadership. The club finished 9th. This season saw the debut of Wooshette who went on to win the clubs first EKA Medal.

Season 21

Season 21 was an improved effort, with the club finishing 5th. Reginald Perrin won the clubs first Fred Medal with 84 goals for the season and Freofalcon won the clubs first Mobbs Medal with toxic finishing runner-up. BigJoeD_ then did the unthinkable and left for the Gold City Royals, the first player to ever leave the Warriors. This act sees his as a despised figure within the competition and quite rightly so.

Season 22

The Warriors appointed the first sole female skipper in the leagues history with Wooshette taking the reigns for Season 22. The club made the preliminary finals but couldn't quite get back to the big dance. Packedlunch was the leading goal scorer with 69 with Jazny having a massive debut season, racking up 429 disposals.

Season 23

Wooshette continued on as skipper in Season 23 which saw the Warriors start the season poorly. However after putting the talented RedVest4 into the middle the Warriors had a run of wins that saw them qualify for the finals yet again. Unfortunately, the dubious suspension of zackah and craffles saw the side lose their Elimination Final.

Season 24

Season 24 saw the return of Frankston Rover to the captaincy with Wooshette stepping down and into retirement. High profile recruit Itsmyshow jumped on board in the offseason which gave the Warriors a boost. The Warriors had a cracking start to the season, winning their first 3 games however two wins from the next seven games saw the side struggling to hold a spot into the Final 8. A draw and three losses in the final 4 games saw the Warriors end a disappointing season in 9th place. The FR Medal was won by Freofalcon (39 votes) from RedVest4 (37) and zackah (34). Itsmyshow won the Goalkicking Award with 46 goals.

Season 25

Season 25 had yet another captaincy change, back to Wooshette. The season started brightly but a run of 11 games without a win saw the Warriors in the hunt for their first wooden spoon. Thankfully the amazing ineptness of the Gumbies put pay to that and the Warriors finished the season in 11th spot. Candiehappy won the FR Medal after a stellar season in the middle and Itsmyshow again topped the goalkicking with 42 goals. BLERN won the clubs second EKA medal.

Current squad[edit]

Coney Island Warriors Squad - Season 26
Full squad Leadership
  • Brad Hardie

  • (c) Captain
  • (vc) Vice captain
  • (r) Rookie

Club Guernsey[edit]


Warriors Home S24.png


Warriors away s24.png


Warriors clash s24.png

Home ground[edit]

The Warriors home ground is Van Cortlandt Park.

Van Cortlandt Park.jpg

Club Song and Motto[edit]

Their club colours are orange, black and white. The club song, Warriors To and Fro, is to the tune of the Air Force march and was conspired by player Norm Landrover prior to his debut for the side. Warriors To and Fro

Lyrics (to "Wild Blue Yonder," hymn of the United States Air Force):

Meet the av's playing for Coney Island,

Warriors to and fro,

Orange and black and white we are emblazoned,

From fifty out, let's have a go,

Together we play united and forever,

We love our home here in New York,

We'll win the flag, it's in the bag,

Nothing can stop the Warriors

The motto "Liberium Esse Vexillum" was chosen for the start of their fourth season, as the English translation reads from Latin "Free to be the standard."

The Whore Tree[edit]

The Warriors unofficial mascot is the revered 'Whore Tree'. Former Warriors full forward InvinciBLUES introduced the tree to the club early in Season 18. A female opponent accused Invici of falling out of the Ugly Tree, the reply being that she'd fallen out of the Whore Tree. Since then, it has gone on to be a defining and much loved symbol within the club and is now represented on the club guernsey.

The Pwned Trophy[edit]

The Pwned Trophy is another Coney Island tradition, honouring the most outstanding efforts in pawnage throughout the Qooty season. This prestigious trophy is traditionally awarded by the captain and/or previous seasons winner.

Honour roll[edit]

 Season 18: BigJoeD_ 
 Season 19: Frankston Rover, Reginald Perrin, Stronzo, El Dubya 
 Season 20: Frankston Rover, BigJoeD_, Wooshette 
 Season 21: DapperJong, toxic, Reginald Perrin, Wooshette   
 Season 22: DapperJong, Jazny, Frankston Rover
 Season 23: Frankston Rover
 Season 24: 
 Season 25: BLERN

 Bold indicates Captain

Season Position Captain(s) Frankston Rover Medallist

Best & Fairest

Wooshette Medal

Leading Goalkicker

Pwned Trophy Additional Information
S18 6th Frankston Rover Lord_Flashheart invinciBLUES (47) Lord_Flashheart
S19 Runners Up Frankston Rover El Dubya Stronzo (82) Reginald Perrin
S20 9th BigJoeD_ Frankston Rover Wooshette (36) Wooshette
S21 5th BigJoeD_ Wooshette Reginald Perrin (84*) Packedlunch
S22 4th Wooshette Jazny Packedlunch (69) Frankston Rover
S23 8th Wooshette Frankston Rover craffles (55) zackah
S24 9th Frankston Rover Freofalcon Itsmyshow (46) zackah
S25 11th Wooshette candiehappy Itsmyshow (42) Frankston Rover
S26 TBC Frankston Rover TBA TBA TBA Wooshette Life Membership
  • Played finals
  • * Winner of Fred Medal

  • 100 Game Players:

Frankston Rover,





Reginald Perrin,



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