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Fighting Furies
Fighting Furies Season 21 logo
Full name Fighting Furies Fantasy Football Club
Nickname(s) Furies
Season 22
Club details
Founded Season 03
Colours Pink, Yellow and Black
Competition Sweet F.A.
Coach rfctigerarmy
and Mother Russia
Premierships Five (S05, S08, S10, S11, S20)
Ground(s) rfctigerarmy Hippodrome (capacity: 199)

The Fighting Furies are a fantasy football club competing in the Sweet FA. They are the league's most successful club, having played in five grand finals in a seven-season stretch from season 05 to season 11 that yielded four premierships. Following that golden era, the Furies had an absence from finals before returning to be a powerhouse of the league in Season 15 where they lost to the West Coast Wonders in the Grand Final the 16 Grand final against the Geelong Gumbies and the 18 Grand Final to the Mt Buller Demons. Then the Furies won the 16 Grand Final against the Mt Buller Demons to be the first SFA side to win 5 Grand Finals.

When the Furies entered the Sweet FA back in 3 they played at the Original Punt Road Oval facility, which was located where fumbler's Funhouse is now located and did so until the end of season six. From the start of season seven they played at the now unused Tiger Dungeon which was renamed captain blood 17 Dungeon and also used it for season eight except for the pre-season and finals. 8 pre-season games were played on the newer Punt Road Oval which was not up to scratch for the regular season, and the finals games were played at Tiger Island. Tiger island was chosen as it had a greater capacity than the other two. The Furies now play at the newly renovated Punt Road Oval which was renamed rfctigerarmy Hippodrome before 25.

Current squad[edit]

Fighting Furies Season 26 squad
Full squad Leadership Positions

  • (c) Captain
  • (vc) Vice captain
  • (r) Rookie
  • (lg) Leadership Group


Fighting Furies SFA Club was established by rfctigerarmy in April 25, 2003. RFCTA was captain/coach and the vice captain was CJH. The first season was very poor and the Furies finished last on the ladder due to a points penalties accrued throughout the season.

rfctigerarmy thoughts on the History of the Fighting Furies: "I hadn't played in the league or Fantasy Footy before but I did have a look and thought it would be fantastic if the Richmond board could have their own side. As you can see in the first season we played, not many teams were purely based from a supporter base - most were a combination of players.

The name came to be "Fighting Furies" after public decision through the use of a poll but just on the Richmond board. We came up with about 5 or 6 options with Fighting Furies chosen as the eventual winner. The first year was pretty hard because I (we) had to convince people to post. And, I think 7-11 wasn't a bad ratio under the circumstances. I'm not sure how long I was captain/coach for (maybe 2006?) but I remember being captain/coach in 2005 (thus my info under my username).... still very proud. But, in addition to that, The Furies have made significant progress over the last year or two which is fantastic and what I've always wanted. Users of BigFooty are really passionate to see the Furies win and love to have a bit of a banter. Back in the old days, the number of posters were obviously less than what we have now but we've always had that cheek about us.

In a lot of ways we are what we want the Richmond Footy Club to be - a finals regular and never without a chance."

In it's original format the Fighting Furies was somewhat unique to other clubs as it only allowed supporters of the AFL team Richmond Tigers to join their playing ranks between the foundation yeaqr Season 3 and Season 16, Claypigeon a Carlton Blues supporter changed all this by becoming the first Non Tiger on the Fighting Furies list in S17.

Tigland and footy_fumbler took it a step further by allowing any supporter from any AFL club to join the newly transformed Furies, Uncle_Leo North Melbourne supporter was the first to come across and also joined the Leadership Group, he was quickly followed by Shadow Man Fremantle and raskolnikov Essendon and in seson 19 Tarkyn_24 joined the Furies as their Full Forward.

Since its inception, the Fighting Furies have been the most successful club in the league, having won a total of five Sweet FA premierships from ten, and two Pre-season premierships from three.

The Fighting Furies played and were situated on Tiger Island from Season 03 to Season 06 before being approached by a multi billionaire to transfer their headquarters and home games to the Punt Road Oval which is situated a stones throw away from the punt that traveled to Tiger Island, upon doing so the billionaire became penniless and was never seen of again.

Every Fighting Furies player to play in the SFA (i think).

Founding Members[edit]

CJH, Coughlan24, Diggler, doug thomas, Fwoy, GhostofJimJess, hutstar, kretchy, mellowyellow, mighty tiges, Mooster7, nut, peejay, Piping Shrike, rfctigerarmy, Rodan#18, rosy3, Showbag, TheFoxhat, The Boy Beav, TigerEmma, Tigers_Goddess, tigerT, Weaver, wagstaff, Fighting Fury

Inaugural Fighting Furies Team[edit]

Fighting Furies Inaugural Team Sheet

Fighting Furies Inaugural Team Sheet
B: wagstaff Piping Shrike mellowyellow
HB: TheFoxhat FWOY tigerT
C: TigersGoddess Rodan rfctigerarmy (c)
HF: doug thomas Showbag Coughlan24
F: TigerEmma mighty tiges Weaver
R: CJH kretchy nut
Int: GhostofJimJess rosy3
Coach: rfctigerarmy


The FUR have had several guernsey designs over the seasons, however the team colours have always consisted of yellow and black but for Season 21 the club decided to add Pink to the Home guernsey instead of the clash.

Club honours[edit]

Most matches (for FUR)[edit]

Rank Games Player
1 379 rfctigerarmy*
2 249 Grockadoc*
3 229 Equus
4 215 tigland*
5 196 BILC
* denotes currently listed players. Updated to end of Season 24.

  • Premierships:


Drawn Grand Final Fighting Furies 13.7.85 drew with Alberton Swamprats 12.13.85

Grand Final Replay Fighting Furies 18.13.121 def Alberton Swamprats 17.8.110

Fighting Furies Season 05 Grand Final Side
B: TheFoxHat Metallichris Showbag
HB: Sealen FWOY GhostofJimJess
C: jacksonrules rfctigerarmy (c) beaver's army
HF: sante Khan Weaver
F: Mog itsintheblood Piping Shrike
R: CJH Kretchy RichmondFan#1
Int: peejay nut

08 Fighting Furies 16.7.103 def. East Side Hawks 12.10.82

Fighting Furies Season 08 Grand Final Side
B: Tigersman IDGAF Radz
HB: KainoKaino Jolldo87 emporer
C: HBK619 LondonTiger beaver's army
HF: rota69 PHX (c) rfctigerarmy
F: hougie (vc) bigpapagman Realistic Tiger
R: TFLUA-Tiger tugga Clieshy
Int: Tigers4Premiers khan
Coach: B. Engal

10 Fighting Furies 19.19.133 def. West Coast Wonders 9.17.71

Fighting Furies Season 10 Grand Final Side
B: Tigersman IDGAF Benchwarmer77
HB: Brooksy88 one_eyedtiger beaver’s army
C: hougie (vc) HBK619 rfctigerarmy
HF: Carn Tigez BILC bigpapagman
F: emporer tugga KainoKaino
R: Equus PHX (c) Clieshy (vc)
Int: JSFish Tigerbabe
Coach: B. Engal

11 Fighting Furies 17.13.115 def Geelong Gumbies 14.11.95

Fighting Furies Season 11 Grand Final Side
B: one_eyedtiger torohombre kainokaino
HB: Tigersman PHX (c) tucker777
C: BILC (vc) HBK619 TheCuzEffect
HF: the ranger Grockadoc Ruthless Tiger
F: tony_montana rfctigerarmy Khan
R: Equus (vc) hougie Cleishy
Int: emporer IDGAF
Coach: B. Engal

20 Fighting Furies 19.11.125 def Mt Buller Demons 15.16.106

Fighting Furies Season 20 Grand Final Side
B: bananatigz Helen Wheels Stevi_tigers
HB: Grockadoc RodneyDangerfield EagleOz
C: footy_fumbler (vc) This is Anfield (vc) SpudsLoveChild
HF: Nuffers flaps Nostradumbass
F: peterbuch74 Tarkyn_24 tigland
R: Shadow Man Wacky Tiger (c) Gentlemen
Coach: rfctigerarmy

  • Minor premierships:


  • Pre-season premierships:
Fighting Furies Pre-Season 12 Grand Final Side
B: one_eyedtiger torohombre Fkainokaino
HB: the ranger Grockadoc tucker777
C: BILC (vc) HBK619 hougie
HF: TigerGlory Clieshy spud_jjj
F: tony_montana PHX (c) Khan
R: Equus (vc) TheCuzEffect Ruthless Tiger
Int: tigersman rfctigerarmy
Coach: B. Engal

Fighting Furies Pre-Season 17 Grand Final Side
B: fightingfury_88 deanbigfooty Frustrated Tiger
HB: thetradesman TonkaTuff Wacky Tiger
C: footy_fumbler flaps Heisenberg_
HF: Cutty Equus BILC
F: Filthy_Sanchez (c) Tigland (vc) Nuffers
R: Claypigeon Eagleoz83 Grockadoc
Int: captain blood 17 mcuzzy
Coach: Mother Russia

Furies old logo

Furies Honour Roll[edit]

Season Coach Captain/s Vice Captain/s Leadership Group Ladder Position rfctigerarmy Award Fumbles Goldenboot
S03 rfctigerarmy rfctigerarmy 10th Doug Thomas Mighty Tiges (36)
S04 rfctigerarmy rfctigerarmy 9th rfctigerarmy Khan (52)
S05 B. Engal rfctigerarmy 6th / Premiers it'sintheblood/beaver's army itsintheblood (111)
S06 B. Engal sante 3rd Metallichris Kretchy (67)
S07 B. Engal TFLUA-Tiger PHX Minor Premiers Coughlan tugga (61)
S08 B. Engal TFLUA-Tiger
Equus 2nd Premiers Londontiger bigpapagman (58)
S09 Colonel Sanders PHX BILC and Equus 5th hougie tugga (38)
S10 Colonel Sanders PHX BILC and Equus 2nd Premiers Cleishy tugga (72)
S11 Colonel Sanders PHX BILC and Equus 4th Premiers Cleishy rfctigerarmy (63)
S12 Colonel Sanders PHX BILC and Equus 8th Equus rfctigerarmy (39)
S13 Colonel Sanders Equus BILC 6th Equus, hougie rfctigerarmy (29)
S14 KFC Boy Equus BILC 7th BILC Fumbles (30)
S15 KFC Boy Equus
4th Runners up Grockadoc Nuffers (35)
S16 Colonel Sanders Filthy_Sanchez Tigland 3rd Runners up tigland Filthy_Sanchez {50}
S17 Colonel Sanders
Mother Russia
Tigland and Fumbler
Grockadoc 9th Claypigeon tigland (65)
S18 Mother Russia
captain blood 17
tigland and Fumbler Wacky Tiger Grockadoc, Uncle_Leo 3rd Runners up Wacky Tiger Uncle_Leo (64)
S19 rfctigerarmy Wacky Tiger This is Anfield Grockadoc, tigland 4th tigland fumbler (59)
S20 rfctigerarmy
and Mother Russia
Wacky Tiger This is Anfield and fumbler tigland, Tarkyn_24 2nd Premiers Shadow Man Tarkyn_24 (82)
S21 rfctigerarmy
and Mother Russia
and Equus
This is Anfield
and Tarkyn_24
Gentlemen, Shadow Man, Helen Wheels 7th This is Anfield Tarkyn_24 (67)
S22 Mother Russia Cayz
and Gentlemen
Sterge This is Anfield, tigland, Tarkyn_24, Helen Wheels 9th Helen Wheels Tarkyn_24 (59)
S23 Mother Russia Cayz
and Sterge
Wacky Tiger NaturalDisaster, This is Anfield, Tarkyn_24, Helen Wheels Minor Premiers Runners-Up _Cayz_ Tarkyn_24 (47)
S24 Mother Russia Sterge
and Wacky Tiger
and NaturalDisaster
This is Anfield Tarkyn_24 Helen Wheels 7th Sterge Wacky Tiger (64)
S25 Pattaya Lee fumbler and Wacky Tiger, NaturalDisaster This Is Anfield 6th Hate Helen Wheels (65)
S26 Pattaya Lee NaturalDisaster TJASTA rfctiger74 Runner up Tigerturbulance Sterge (30)
  • Season 16 recipient of the Nuffers award Heisenberg_ previously played under a different name in season 15 The Cole Train and therefore was disqualified from receiving the award.
    • Season 21 saw the Nuffers award won for the first by a player who had played at another Sweet FA club but shared the award due to it being their first season at the Furies.

rfctigerarmy Award[edit]

Is the award given to the Furies Best and Fairest Player, the award can be shared with multiple players in anyone season and is named after the Furies inaugural Captain and clubs founding member.

Fumbles Goldenboot[edit]

Is awarded to the Furies player who ends the regular season with the most goals.

Captain's Trophy[edit]

This award is given to any Furies player that has gone beyond the players duties within the club.

Nuffers Medal[edit]

The Furies rookie of the season is awarded the Nuffers Medal which is named after the best ever Rookie in his time.

PHX Shield[edit]

The most consistent is awarded the PHX Shield, it is to reflect not only the commitment that a player shows to the club but to reflect that the awards are not all based on the randomness of the game, PHX was a former captain of the Furies and played over 150 games at the club.

Claw of Fame[edit]

The Claw of Fame (Life Membership) is awarded to those who have had either played 150 games or more, been a captain, coach or administrator of the Furies. Other ways to be awarded the Claw of Fame are to win any other club award three times or more including three different Furies awards.

Furies old logo
Furies old logo

Furies Individual SweetFA Awards[edit]

SFA Hall of Fame Members[edit]

rfctigerarmy - inducted after S14

Mobbs Medal Winners[edit]

Wacky Tiger Season 18

Wacky Tiger Season 19

EKA Medal Winners[edit]

Wacky Tiger Season 17

Sterge Season 21

tgrs Season 22

TFLUA-Tiger Award Winners[edit]

Wacky Tiger Season 18

Helen Wheels Season 22

Frankston Rover Award Winners[edit]

AlfAndrews Medal Winners[edit]

Kretchy (65)06

Tugga (72) 10

Deestroy Medal Winners[edit]

CJH (05)

beaver's army (08)

Bend_It_Like_Cotchin BILC (S11)

Cutty (S15)

Uncle_Leo (S18

Wacky Tiger (S20}

All-SFA Representatives[edit]

(Season 03) - Mighty Tiges (FP)

(Season 04) - FWOY (CHB), rfctigerarmy (Wing), Rodan 18 (Int)

(Season 05) - Weaver (FP), CJH (Ruck), itsintheblood (Int)

(Season 06) - No All-SFA team recorded

(Season 07) - No All-SFA team recorded

(Season 08) - No All-SFA team recorded

(Season 09) - PHX (HB)

(Season 10) - PHX (Wing), Equus (Ruck)

(Season 11) - PHX (CHB), BILC (Wing), rfctigerarmy (FF), Equus (Ruck)

(Season 12) - Equus (Centre)

(Season 13) - BILC (BP), Equus (FP)

(Season 14) - fightingfury_88 (FB), Fumbles (HF)

(Season 15) - Filthy_Sanchez {HBF}

(Season 16) - tigland {Ruck}

(Season 17) - tigland {FB} Fumbler {Wing}

(Season 18) - Wacky Tiger {Rover} This is Anfield {Centre}

(Season 19) - Wacky Tiger {Int} This is Anfield {Wing}

(Season 20) - Wacky Tiger {Ruck Rover}

(Season 21) - Sterge {Half Back Flank}

(Season 22) - tgrs {Back Pocket}

(Season 23) - Sterge {Full Back} _Cayz_ {Half Forward Flank}

(Season 24) - Sterge {Rover}

(Season 25) - NaturalDisaster {Back Pocket}

(Season 26) -

Most times in All SFA Team:

Equus {4}

PHX {3}

Wacky Tiger {3}

Sterge {3}


rfctigerarmy {2}

tigland {2}

This is Anfield {2}

Fighting Furies Match Records:[edit]

Biggest winning margin : 90 ROY v FUR Round 16 S11

Biggest losing margin : 109 FUR v HAW Round 10 S10

Furies Highest score : 161 (Rd 17, Season 14)

Furies Highest home score : 161 (Rd 17, Season 14)

Furies Highest away score : 157 (Rd 05, Season 16)

Furies Highest finals score : 160 (Rd 2S, Season 16)

opposing Highest score : 167 (Rd 04, Season 05)

opposing Highest home score : 167 (Rd 04, Season 05)

opposing Highest away score : 167 (Rd 11, Season 10)

opposing Highest finals score : 137 (Rd GF, Season 15)

Longest winning streak : 10 (Rd 5 to Rd 14 Season 23)

Longest losing streak : 13 (Rd 01, 13 to Rd 13, 13)

Top Ten highest scores versus other SFA Clubs[edit]

S18 R11 Fighting Furies 29.12 (186) Las Vegas Bears
S23 R01 Fighting Furies 26.14 (170) Coney Island Warriors
S14 R17 Fighting Furies 24.17 (161) Geelong Gumbies
S16 2SF Fighting Furies 24.16 (160) Geelong Gumbies
S23 R07 Fighting Furies 24.15 (159) Sin City Swamprats
S18 R05 Fighting Furies 24.14 (158) Mount Buller Demons
S16 R05 Fighting Furies 25.7 (157) Geelong Gumbies
S06 R07 Fighting Furies 24.12 (156) Geelong Gumbies
S15 R08 Fighting Furies 23.18 (156) Mount Buller Demons
S06 R04 Fighting Furies 24.11 (155) Dragons FC

The Abyss[edit]

In order of depth.

cothcintomartin / Crystalbreathx / thetradesman
Filthy Sanchez
Colonel Sanders

Extra Links[edit]

Season Nuffers Medal Captain's Trophy PHX Shield Claw of Fame
S15 Nuffers Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded
S16 Recipient disqualified.* Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded
S17 Wacky Tiger Wacky Tiger Tigland Rfctigerarmy
S18 This is Anfield Hate This is Anfield PHX
S19 SpudsLoveChild This is Anfield Wacky Tiger Equus
S20 Helen Wheels SpudsLoveChild This is Anfield BILC
S21 _Cayz_ Sterge sausageroll** _Cayz_ Sterge fumbler tigland
S22 tgrs Sterge akkaps fumbler
S23 JackNah_8 Tgrs Sausageroll Nuffers
S24 TJASTA Tarkyn_24 JackNah_8 Wacky Tiger
S25 tigerturbulance Michaels rfctiger74 Grockadoc
S26 Pielebo87 & lsta062 TJASTA Tigerturbulance N.A
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