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The Las Vegas Bears' most recent logo as a result of their 2014 revival.
The Las Vegas Bears' 2007 logo.

The Las Vegas Bears is a former team and current expansion bid in the Sweet FA.

Early seasons[edit]

The team was founded by hilly shortly after the conclusion of Season 04, when he posted a team list with his intention of introducing the Bears into the league for Season 05.[1] The intentions of the Bears were disputed at points, naming players such as borntigerfan and EssendonPride who had previously made their intentions known that they would be joining the Dragons bid. It was also noted that the Bears would become the 15th team in the league, an odd, number, though administrator Deestroy stated that "this new team has every right to join" and that "hopefully one more (team bid) will be made to make it the maximum 16 team comp so a bye next season can be avoided". This number was never reached, as the Blues Brothers, Junkyard Dogs and West Coast Magic folded soon after, bringing the total number of teams within the league down to 12.

hilly was named as the initial captain, with Ant, Dingster, Dipper, Thewlis Dish, Sexiano Ronaldo and The Hitman all named in the leadership group and selection committee.[2] Despite their preparations and successful acceptance into the league, their first season The Bears lost their first game to short-term rivals in the Dragons by four points, but bounced back to win their next three games to sit third on the ladder. They then lost five of their next six games to drop down to eighth, before again winning three games in a row – including beating the Dragons by 10 points in a shootout. The rollercoaster continued, however, and they could only manage two wins from the remaining nine games, totalling nine for the season, but only warranting an 11th-placed finish.


During Season 17 Broken, then the captain of the Roys FFC, announced his desire to bring the Las Vegas Bears back into the competition[3].

Shortly after, Broken revealed he formed "just under half a legal SFA squad" while reaffirming the legitimacy of the expansion bid[4]. To further support this pantskyle, also a member of the Gorillas, announced his intention to play for the Bears in Season 18[5]. pantskyle stated his motivation in pushing the bid and noted "I implore those that wish to seek a fresh challenge, a fun challenge with a team that wants to embody the Vegas spirit to let myself and Broken know." Posters such as Wonders captain PVF were sceptical over the announcement – it was posted in the lead up to round 11, after pants had been critical of the manner in which Wise Guy Sam joined the Royals – but pantskyle held firm in his decision. MannumPower, the Sin City Swamprats captain, was also critical of the decision not to have Broken and pantskyle (and also BoshtrichBurger, who was helping lead the Coney Island Warriors bid) removed from competing with their current clubs while actively promoting their expansion bid[6].

A few weeks later, Broken announced a third active Sweet FA player in saintkildaman would be joining the expansion bid[7]. He joined hilly, Keyser Soze, FiveStrings, The Half Back and YouDontKnowJack as names to have stated their intentions to represent the Bears.

They finally won their first premiership in Season 22.

Current squad[edit]