Frankston Rover Award

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The Frankston Rover Award is an award presented by the current administrator of the Sweet FA to a poster that has given more than the required amount of dedication to the league. The award is named after formed SFA administrator Frankston Rover. It is currently held by Logger.


Season 08 - Biggie (East Side Hawks) and Tarkyn_24 (???)

Season 09 - Rick18 (West Coast Wonders)

Season 10 - Not awarded

Season 11 - Mobbenfuhrer (Roys FFC)

Season 12 - ljp86 (Dragons FFC), peterss (Geelong Wolves)

Season 13 - Mobbenfuhrer (Roys FFC)

Season 14 - loopy_cam (Baghdad Bandits)

Season 15 - Jobe3votes (East Side Hawks)

Season 16 - Logger (Mount Buller Demons)

Season 17 - Broken (Roys FFC), ClarkeM (West Coast Wonders)

Season 18 - Logger (Mount Buller Demons)

Season 19 - Danoz (Dragons)

Season 20 - Ljp86 (Dragons)

Season 21 - Danoz (Dragons)

Season 22 - Cloud_ (Sin City Swamprats)

Season 23 - Hate (Dragons), Millky95 (Sin City Swamprats), RU_ (Las Vegas Bears)

Season 24 - haydo23 (West Coast Wonders)