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The Mobbenfuhrer Medal

The Mobbenfuhrer Medal, commonly referred to as the Mobbs Medal, is awarded to the best player in each season of the Sweet FA. Named after SFA founder Mobbenfuhrer, the award is based on the Brownlow Medal in the AFL and utilises the same 3-2-1 voting system.


In Season 01 Mobbs originally resisted several calls for the Medal to be named after him and is famously quoted as saying:

"If I had died, or at least left Bigfooty, then I'd expect nothing less

But not while I'm still here, thanks anyway"[1] - Mobbenfuhrer

"Sorry, but I refuse to allow the medal to be named after myself."[2] - Mobbenfuhrer


Season Winner Team Votes
Season 01 Jethro
Bigfooty Dragons
Team Kournikova
Season 02 Blues^Rock Hurricanes 17
Season 03 BT Mount Buller Demons 16
Season 04 Stegelator BigFooty Bombers 20
Season 05 Broken Roys FFC 17 [3]
Season 06 JIMMY_C8 Koalas 17
Season 07 Jackson_Rules
Southern Sharks
Season 08 Ljp86 Southern Dragons 19
Season 09 BlueFan4 Geelong Gumbies 17
Season 10 Ljp86 Southern Dragons 19
Season 11 boncer34 East Side Hawks 18
Season 12 Larrikin East Side Hawks 20
Season 13 cooney
Mount Buller Demons
East Side Hawks
Season 14 Claypigeon
Geelong Gumbies
Mount Buller Demons
Season 15 Wise Guy Sam West Coast Wonders 27
Season 16 PVF West Coast Wonders 26
Season 17 lanky_wes Mount Buller Demons 25
Season 18 Wacky Tiger Fighting Furies 26
Season 19 Wacky Tiger Fighting Furies 23
Season 20 MannumPower Sin City Swamprats 27
Season 21 Freofalcon Coney Island Warriors 25
Season 22 Ant Bear Sin City Swamprats 27
Season 23 Pantskyle
Geelong Gumbies
Sin City Swamprats