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North Coast Reds is the representative side of the three clubs from within the SFA that encompass the Northern Beaches province of Sweet FA City.

All players are drawn primarily from the Fighting Furies East Side Hawks & the Geelong Wolves and play against the other three current provinces Central City Greens, Outback Sky Blues & the Southern Bay Silvers for the SPC Shield.

North Coast
North Coast Reds Logo
Full name North Coast Reds
Nickname(s) TBA
Club details
Founded Season 21
Colours Red
Competition SPC
Coach TBA
Captain(s) SM
Premierships 0
Ground(s) Punt Road (capacity: 17)
Training ground(s) The Lair

Current squad[edit]

North Coast Reds Season 21 squad
Full squad Leadership Positions
  • SM

  • (c) Captain
  • (vc) Vice captain
  • (r) Rookie
  • (lg) Leadership Group


Season 21[edit]

Season 21 saw the birth of a revamped representative Qooty competition based upon the original Sweet FA map, this competition would feature 4 teams the North Coast Reds the Central City Greens, the Outback Sky Blues & the Southern Bay Silvers each team would play the others once in a round robin format with the top 2 teams competing for the SPC Shield in the final to be played at SFA Park

Inaugural North Coast Reds Game

North Coast Reds 12.6.78 Lost to Central City Greens 12.19.91

Inaugural North Coast Reds Team
B: RodneyDangerfield Wacky Tiger RU_
HB: This is Anfield Willo_ A Bit High
C: BB 8 JT_the_Man akkaps
HF: Spanna_ Michaels _Cayz_
F: tigland SM (c) Karnezis_13
R: Hate Hatchy1992 Sterge
Int: Gentlemen Nuffers