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The EKA Medal is an award given to the Sweet FA's best first year poster. Named after SFA veteran eagleskickass (who is almost universally referred to as "EKA"), it was introduced for the Season 09 awards night. The current holder of the award is tgrs.

Season 09[edit]

Place Player Club
1 croweater 41 West Coast Wonders
2 HawkPatrol West Coast Wonders
3 Cormick Dragons FFC
4 Flawed Genius Geelong Wolves
5 bachar houli Baghdad Bandits

Season 10[edit]

Place Player Club
1 Zainta Dragons FFC
2 BILC Fighting Furies
3 tim_saints West Coast Wonders
4 Breeno Baghdad Bandits
5 pacemaker West Coast Wonders
6 cooney Mount Buller Demons
7 Rojo_jnr Geelong Wolves

Season 11[edit]

Place Player Club
1 Reardo Roys FFC
2 Freakie Mount Buller Demons
3 Frothies Mcveigh West Coast Wonders
4 Big Bad Buddy Dragons FFC
5 Bipolarbear Baghdad Bandits

Season 12[edit]

Place Player Club
1 Gus Mount Buller Demons
2 TheTommyGun Dragons FFC
Juggalo Balla Mount Buller Demons
StFly Geelong Wolves

80th fumbler

Season 13[edit]

Place Player Club
1 WAG Dragons FFC
2 Claypigeon Geelong Wolves
Logger Mount Buller Demons

1st: WAG

2nd: Claypigeon Logger

Season 14[edit]

The Half Back was another controversial winner of the EKA but was backed by the committee of captains as the deserved winner of the EKA Medal for Season 15. Deddy and Wise Guy Sam would have been equally deserving winner and were honoured with runners up nominations.

Place Player Club
1 The Half Back Dragons FFC
2 Deddy Mount Buller Demons
3 Wise Guy Sam West Coast Wonders

Season 15[edit]

Place Player Club
1 pantskyle Roys FFC
2 BoshtrichBurger West Coast Wonders
3 Nuffers Fighting Furies

Season 16[edit]

Place Player Club
1 Uncle_Leo Gold City Royals
2 Footypie32 Mount Buller Demons
3 The Filth Wizard Dragons FFC

Season 17[edit]

Place Player Club
1 Wacky Tiger Fighting Furies
2 GETSOMENUTS Geelong Wolves
3 GutsyBug East Side Hawks
4 Brown Bottle West Coast Wonders
5 B Tron Dragons FFC
6 Shermy Baghdad Bandits
7 Modbury_Hawk_12 Mount Buller Demons

Season 18[edit]

Place Player Club
1 brahj Las Vegas Bears

Season 19[edit]

Place Player Club
1 Willo_ Roys FFC

Season 20[edit]

Place Player Votes Club
1 Wooshette 33 Coney Island Warriors
2 Close Contest 14 Sin City Swamprats
3 Van_Dyke 13 Mount Buller Demons
4 Helen Wheels 8 Fighting Furies
5 Kangaroos4eva 2 Dragons

Season 21[edit]

Place Player Votes Club
1 Sterge 26 Fighting Furies
2 Dapper Jong 17 Coney Island Warriors
3 dennis crumpet 9 Baghdad Bandits
4 BB 8 5 Geelong Wolves
5 Butler 4 Sin City Swamprats
6 NSFB A Swallow 3 Gold City Royals Dragons
7 KohPhi 2 Baghdad Bandits

Season 22[edit]

Place Player Votes Club
1 tgrs 26 Fighting Furies
2 Far Kern 18 Sin City Swamprats
3 Oddhawk 8 Mount Buller Demons
4 Bet on Blue thatsapaddlin 7 Geelong Wolves Gold City Royals
5 VSTone 6 Dragons
6 Hoooops 3 Baghdad Bandits
7 BRAB Ko Ko Burnigndwarf 1 Mount Buller Demons Las Vegas Bears Baghdad Bandits

Season 23[edit]

Place Player Votes Club
1 Elton Johns Wig 28 East Side Hawks
2 NahNah 19 Roys FFC
3 Avatarp 9 Las Vegas Bears
4 Fryer Tuck 7 Mount Buller Demons
5 TheCoach16 HumanMeatball Blaze Storm PhenomenalV1 2 Dragons Fighting Furies Dragons Baghdad Bandits
6 Philreich 1 Mount Buller Demons

Season 24[edit]

Place Player Votes Club
1 Yakker 25 Mount Buller Demons
2 xenxen 17 Roys FFC/West Coast Wonders
3 BEEG 8 Baghdad Bandits
4 Bergholt 6 Sin City Swamprats
5 Egga 4 East Side Hawks
6 D_P_S | Dawn to Dark | drazah 3 West Coast Wonders Baghdad Bandits Sin City Swamprats
7 db swannie 2 Coney Island Warriors
8 fancyscum 1 Mount Buller Demons

Media references[edit]

It has been commonly noted in recent seasons – and, consequently, become a running joke – that the winner of the EKA Medal be not regarded as such, and the 'true' winner be referred to as one of the podium finishers. This was said to have started after future Gold City Royals and West Coast Wonders captain Wise Guy Sam controversially finished third, despite being the favourite to take out the award all season.

During Season 14 Croweater 41 did an opinion piece[1] on the EKA based on what the voting would be like if it was done 'today'. He came up with the following results.


1st: croweater 41

2nd: Hawk Patrol 3rd: Flawed Genius


1st: BILC

2nd: Tim Saints 3rd: Cooney


Toss a coin.


1st: StFly

2nd: Easty 3rd: TTG 4th: Juggs 5th: Gus


1st: WAG

2nd: Logger 3rd: Claypigeon