Mount Buller Demons

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Mount Buller Demons
Full name Mount Buller Demons Fantasy Football Club
Former name(s) Team Pump
Nickname(s) Demons
Season 23
Premiership TBC
Home-and-away season 7th
Leading goalkicker Azarole (71)
Best and fairest cooney
Club details
Founded Season 01[1]
Colours Red and navy blue
Competition Sweet FA
Coach Richard Cranium
Captain(s) Van_Dyke & RU_
Premierships 1 (S18)
Ground(s) Snow Dome
Other information
Official website
current season: 12th

The Mount Buller Demons is a current football club in the Sweet FA.

One of the two original teams which has maintained existence throughout the length of the competition without succumbing to a merge or fold, the other being the West Coast Wonders, it was originally named Team Pump, after the team's creator, then named BIG POPPA PUMP[2], but after two seasons with the name, it was eventually ruled out in favour of the name that has stuck until today.


The formation and early days[edit]

On January 27, 2001, BigFooty user Broadbridge_20 created a thread[3] highlighting his desire to create a team called Team Pump. The team was formed and created its own GeoCities website, which it used to display team and squad news. This sparked an early thread[4] from QT of the Titans (then Team Kournikova).

Broadbridge went absent on the eve of the inaugural season[5], leading to both speculation about his security in the role as well as more anger from the Titans. He returned a few days later, but the Demons had not started particularly well, leading to a team restructure from creator[6]. He continued to post team sheets, with both he and jod23 stepping up, and they along with Broadbridge took the Demons to the first ever finals series. It was fleeting, however, as they lost at home to the Wonders by 44 points.

Broadbridge did not take an early finals exit well, stating it was "unacceptable" and looking to make changes in an effort to lift the team further for Season 02[7]. QT made a play for Macca19, who played all 13 games, to join the Titans, but this fell through as the Demons considered him required. Samuel was also contemplating joining the Dragons as GordonNoel wanted to leave, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was stubborn on a two-for-one trade. A deal was eventually reached, with GordonNoel joining the Demons in a swap for i_luv_westcoast and Woofer[8]. The Demons also picked up Santos L Helper a day later, described by Broadbridge as "a star recruit"[9].

Despite the work he had put in to the club over its debut season, Broadbridge decided to step down from the captaincy at the end of Season 01, announcing jod23 and Macca19 as co-captains[10].

Season 14[edit]

EBIAC led from the front with the commencement of the home and away season, enjoying his best start to a season yet, kicking six goals amongst bags of possessions on-ball. This form was maintained until a points penalty was highly disputed between himself and administrator boncer34. EBIAC, fed up with the decision and the competition as a whole, promptly quit the Sweet FA, announcing Juggalo Balla as the man in charge.

The gaping hole was filled in by a surge in form from Juggalo and the rest of the group, and they carried out the start from EBIAC, finishing second on the ladder. They won an away final against the Dragons, who had dominated the entire season, but couldn't take the final step to the elusive premiership and what would have been their first, losing to Baghdad Bombers in the ultimate game.

Breakout seasons from Deddy and Eth resulted in them tying in the best and fairest count, with the former also placing second in the EKA Medal and the latter winning the Mobbenfuhrer Medal.

Season 15[edit]

Season 15 started on a bright note, with many Demons - most notably doggies ftw on-ball - enjoying fantastic runs with form, and it resulted in a 4-0 start to see them second on the ladder, and even to first the next round following a loss to fellow top team, the West Coast Wonders. That was, however, a one-week occurrence, and a drop in from saw them performing superbly one week and dismally for the next two.

With teams around them performing consistently well, and the Demons not, their grasp in the top two began to weaken, and then the top four, and by the end of round nine they had dropped out of the top four altogether, and their blistering form a thing of the past.

The team continued to drop matches, although intertwined were some contests that reminded the league why they finished runner-up in the previous season, but overall it was a long run of little impressive form that saw them drop as low as seventh before winning the last game of the year to finish fifth and outside of finals contention, winning four games from their last 13.

It was a player exodus that hurt the club most, however. Juggalo Balla stepped down from his controversial tenure as captain, announcing then-vice captain Eth as his successor, before ending up at the Bombers for Season 16. Deddy, after a brilliant first two seasons, quit the club effective immediately late in the season and became a vice captain of expansion club Gold City Royals, and on-baller doggies ftw followed him. Veteran cats2rise also made his way back to the Gumbies, while full forward Rhodesy_Blues briefly entered retirement, but re-joined the club soon after.

Season 16[edit]

With a club looking to have drastically diminished in on-field calibre, the Demons revamped their playing list, bringing in 11 new faces prior to the start of the season.

It was a new-look team that took to the field in the pre-season, as their first game against the Swamprats featured nine players who were yet to represent the club[11]. The Demons fought hard throughout the pre-season but were unable to clinch a win, losing multiple games by under 10 points, and as such didn't progress through to the latter stages of the competition, but the form shown by newbies such as raven echo, Footypie32 and Bartel gave them promise and hope for the home and away season.

The Demons started the season strongly once again, but the form lasted longer than the four weeks of Season 15. Footypie32, lanky_wes and Gentlemen established themselves quickly in the midfield, and the team appeared to have been rejuvenated. Consistently putting wins on the board, they pushed up to second in the home and away season as of round 15, once again behind rivals West Coast. Unfortunately, this form subsided, as they lost four of their past six games in the home and away season, unable to combat a tough run home, and finished fifth, qualifying for the finals. This run of poor form continued, and despite a home ground advantage in the Elimination Final against the Swamprats, they capitulated to lose by 44 points[12].

Season 17[edit]

A new season began positively for a similar looking group. The Demons recruited Danger in Texas from long-time rivals West Coast Wonders and his strong start with the club led to a quick addition to the leadership group, along with best first year player Footypie32.

The Demons started well, until poor form hit early in the season, culminating in a 92-point loss to Dragons FFC at home. However, they bounced back, winning five of their next six games to sit second on the ladder. An impressive back end to the home and away season, in which they won 10 of their last 13 games, saw them finish first on the ladder, only the second time they had done this in their history. However, despite the likelihood of a Grand Final, needing only one win to make it, they crashed out, losing to the Dragons and Wonders in consecutive finals to finish third and miss altogether.

Season 18[edit]

In Season 18 the Demons made history, winning four consecutive finals to win their first ever premiership.

Season 19[edit]

The Demons couldn't consistently find their premiership-winning from the previous season. They did enough to finish sixth after the home and away season before a loss to the East Side Hawks in their elimination final ended their finals run abruptly.

Season 20[edit]

Mount Buller made history in Season 20 alongside the West Coast Wonders as the only two teams to last the entire 20 seasons of the Sweet FA.

The Demons were more proactive in the off-season. With Footypie32 joining Eth as co-captain, they secured the signature of Wonders veteran croweater 41 as well as promising rookies Van_Dyke and Bosley. They joined cats2rise, who made his Mount Buller return earlier in the off-season, and gave the Demons a new, fresh strength on and off the field.

They didn't take long to gel, with the Demons winning three of their first four games. The side continued to go from strength to strength, making the top 4 and winning their first two finals to go against the Fighting Furies in the Grand Final. Unfortunately it didn't go as planned, with the Demons eventually going down in the end. This marked the end of Eth and Footypie32 as captains, with the latter leaving to Gold City Royals. Smartys Power was to be in charge for season 21 and beyond

Season 21[edit]

After the change at the end of the previous season, it was a somewhat new look Demons that fronted up for season 21. okeydoke7 and MoOP joined from East Side Hawks and Las Vegas Bears respectively along side rookies SincMagic and Brucetiki. The side never really got going, with neither rookie particularly catching fire, while MoOP was barely sighted and okeydoke7 leaving in controversy. Due to poor form on the field, winning all of four games of the season, it was no surprise when the Demons took the wooden spoon. Off field they were struggling for numbers, with a small handful of posters, namely Van_Dyke, Smartys Power, cats2rise and cooney regularly making substantial posts, with support from the likes of rookie Brucetiki.

Season 22[edit]

After the events of Season 22, the Demons looked for change. And they got some change in the addition of 7 players to the ranks. RU_ joined Smartys Power in being co-captain, with Azarole joining him from Roys FFC. Sante came over from the Fighting Furies while they brought in rookies in Oddhawk, BRAB and knobby and a returning player in Son of Skeletor.

Oddhawk proved to be one of the star rookies of the competition, collecting 8 points in the EKA for his prolific posting and detailed stats work. Oddhawk's activity and enthusiasm for the league set the standard for a season 22 revival lead by vice captain Van_Dyke.

Continued posting from team stalwarts allowed the demons resurgence to come full circle, culminating in a heartbreaking elimination final loss to the West Coast Wonders.

At the end of season 22. Van_Dyke was deservedly elevated to the captaincy, to lead the club along with RU_ to new heights.

Season 23[edit]


The Demons' guernsey introduced in S16.

The Demons wear the colours of red and navy blue, similar to that of the AFL team of the same name. The latest guernsey features a red base with a navy blue upper section above white mountainous peaks, and their clash guernsey is an all-white design, with the peaks coloured red. It was introduced prior to the start of Season 16, and was designed by Andonis1997.

The former guernsey contained a navy blue base with a red trim and red band horizontally across the middle, with the shape of the peak of Mount Buller cut out of the band, a stronger relation to their AFL counterpart. Demons stalwart Joe King designed the team logo.

Home ground[edit]

The location of Mount Buller on an early Sweet FA map, marked in purple.

The Demons play at the Snow Dome, an oval located within the heights of Mount Buller. They have done so since the team was renamed – and presumably relocated – at the start of Season 03. Prior to then, there is no official record of where the team's headquarters resided.

Not a great deal has been documented about the state of the ground. It can be assumed through references though that the capacity lies around 30,000 and is a large vendor of yellow snow cones. It also has light towers equipped for night Qooty.

Current squad[edit]

Mount Buller Demons Season 22 squad
Full squad Leadership positions
  • RU_, Van_Dyke

Vice captain

  • cats2rise

  • (c) Captain
  • (vc) Vice captain
  • (r) Rookie

Club honours[edit]

Honour roll[edit]

Season Pos Captain(s) Best and Fairest Leading Goalkicker
S01 4th BIG POPPA PUMP Warrior[13] Warrior (28)
S02 5th jod23 & Macca19 Macca19* Broadbridge_20 (29)
S03 2nd Deestroy & Broadbridge_20[14] BT* BT (79)
S04 4th Deestroy & Broadbridge_20 footyman* footyman (83)
S05 8th Deestroy & Broadbridge_20 BT* BT (82)
S06 12th Deestroy[15] Daniel138* Daniel138 (60)
S07 8th Deestroy V_Townsend DeledioToTambling (55)
S08 4th Tarkyn_24[16] EBIAC EBIAC (45)
S09 6th EBIAC & Bomberlegend2007 EBIAC Larkis (32)
S10 8th EBIAC & Bomberlegend2007 TigerGlory okeydoke7 (62)
S11 8th TigerGlory cooney cats2rise (45)
S12 4th EBIAC EBIAC & Freakie cats2rise (49)
S13 7th EBIAC Gus & Joe King cats2rise (42)
S14 2nd EBIAC, Juggalo Balla Deddy & Eth Juggalo Balla (42)
S15 5th Juggalo Balla Eth Rhodesy_Blues (35)
S16 6th Eth lanky_wes cooney (47)
S17 3rd Eth lanky_wes cooney (79)
S18 1st Eth Footypie32 cooney (86)
S19 7th Eth HawkPatrol cooney (58)
S20 2nd Eth & Footypie32 Deaneus Deaneus (80)
S21 12th Smartys Power cats2rise Okeydoke7 (48)
S22 7th Smartys Power & RU_ cooney Azarole (71)

* Best and fairest determined by total Exie points for the season, versus a traditional count

Individual awards[edit]

Deestroy Medal (best and fairest)[edit]

cats2rise Medal (leading goalkicker)[edit]

Mobbenfuhrer Medal winners[edit]

EKA Medal winners[edit]

AlfAndrews Medal winners[edit]

  • Juggalo Balla (S14)

Deestroy Medal winners[edit]

Frankston Rover Award winners[edit]

All-SFA representatives[edit]

The Demons have had 22 players achieve selection in the Sweet FA's All-SFA team, and 31 selections overall[17]. The comfortable leader Eth (4 more selections than any current Demon), had 6 selections over his successful career; a career that established himself as the greatest Demon of all time.

Match records[edit]

Records set by players[edit]

Most matches[edit]

Rank Games Player Career
1 270 Headless* Season 07-
2 250 cooney* Season 10-
3 238 Deestroy* Season 02-Season 08, Season 11-
4 178 Eth Season 12-Season 21
5 177 Logger* Season 13-
6 159 lanky_wes* Season 15-
7 156 cats2rise* Season 11-Season 15, Season 19-
8 134 Smartys Power* Season 16-
9 126 raven echo Season 16-Season 22
Rhodesy_Blues Season 10-Season 22
* denotes currently listed players. Updated to R14 S23.

Most goals[edit]

Rank Goals Player Career
1 395 cooney* Season 10-
2 268 Deestroy* Season 02-Season 08, Season 11-
3 218 cats2rise* Season 11-Season 15, Season 19-
4 179 BT Season 03-Season 15
5 146 Headless* Season 07-
6 145 Rhodesy_Blues Season 10-Season 18, Season 20-Season 22
7 142 EBIAC Season 08-Season 14
8 139 footyman Season 03-Season 06
9 139 Okeydoke7* Season 09-Season 10, Season 21-
10 135 Broadbridge_20 Season 01-Season 05
* denotes currently listed players. Updated to R14 S23.

Most disposals[edit]

Rank Disposals Avg. Player Career
1 3695 14.78 cooney* Season 10-
2 3372 12.49 Headless* Season 07-
3 2850 16.01 Eth Season 12-
4 2381 10.00 Deestroy* Season 02-Season 08, Season 11-
5 2353 14.80 lanky_wes* Season 15-
6 2326 19.38 EBIAC Season 08-Season 14
7 1882 12.06 cats2rise* Season 1-Season 15, Season 19-
8 1798 10.16 Logger* Season 13-
9 1765 18.58 Footypie32 Season 16-Season 20
10 1662 12.40 Smartys Power* Season 16-
* denotes currently listed players. Updated to R14 S23.

Most marks[edit]

Rank Marks Avg. Player Career
1 872 3.23 Headless* Season 07-
2 591 2.36 cooney* Season 10-
3 549 3.10 Logger* Season 13-
4 509 3.80 Smartys Power* Season 16-
5 417 4.39 Footypie32 Season 16-Season 20
6 408 5.91 Somefella Season 03-Season 05
7 404 5.94 dees*gal Season 03-Season 05
8 403 3.20 raven echo Season 16-Season 22
9 377 4.33 Joe King Season 11-Season 15
10 368 5.33 BT Season 03-Season 05
* denotes currently listed players. Updated to R14 S23.


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