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The TFLUA-Tiger Award is an accolade named after former administrator TFLUA-Tiger. It is awarded to a player deemed by the SFA committee to have been the best on-field performed throughout the season, and is announced annually on SFA Awards Night. It is often a source of confusion and has been mistaken multiple times as the Deestroy Medal (and vice versa). Furthering this confusion was the fact that this medal was erroneously awarded as the Deestroy Medal on Season 12 Awards Night.


Season Winner Team
Season 12 boncer34 East Side Hawks
Season 13 Biggie East Side Hawks
Season 14 WAG Southern Dragons
Season 15 Freakie Roys FFC
Season 16 Tarkyn_24 East Side Hawks
Season 17 Gee Dub Baghdad Bombers
Season 18 Wacky Tiger Fighting Furies
Season 19 El Dubya Coney Island Warriors
Season 20 Hate Dragons FFC
Season 21 Toxic Coney Island Warriors
Season 22 Helen Wheels Fighting Furies
Season 23 Mooch Roys FFC
Season 24 KohPhi Baghdad Bombers