Junkyard Dogs

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2001-02 - pagan.gif
2001-02 - PaganGuernsey.JPG
Seasons                : 01-04 (6th, 8th, Fnls, 12th)
Founder                : hilly (99% sure)
Premierships           : None
Mobbenfuhrer Medallists: None
AlfAndrews Medallists  : None
Notes                  : hilly left the Ducks at the end of the inaugural 
                         season, handing the reins to Darky. Later it
                         seemed Blueworms was the player who generally
                         ran the show. After changing name to the
                         Junkyard Dogs a couple of seasons later, the
                         team languished in the lower reaches of the
                         ladder most seasons, and folded after season 04.