Team Timmy

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Seasons                : 01 (5th)
Founder                : Grendel
Premierships           : None
Mobbenfuhrer Medallists: None
AlfAndrews Medallists  : None
Notes                  : Shortly after the first scratch match between Team
                          Kournikova and the Dingoes, a team initially referred
                         to as the Quiet Achievers was submitted by Grendel,
                         and was then immediately thereafter dubbed Team 
                         Grendel. Another name change occurred all within the 
                         same day and Team Timmy was born. Team Timmy was the 
                         third Sweet FA team formed, but only lasted the one 
                         season before disbanding. Management of the team was
                         passed to GoEagles after the 01 Season, but interest
                         waned and even sponsor Teasin' Touloulah was unable
                         to coax them out for another run.