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The Flogcutters, commonly referred to as the Faceless Men[1] are a combined 'power group' of some of the Sweet FA's most well-known and respected posters.

Initiated by East Side Hawks co-captain Itsmyshow[2], the group are the creators of the Weekly Top 10 and Weekly Bottom 10 threads, which aim to provided a broadened and less subjective view of the league's best and worst posters from week to week. The idea arose after previous ranking threads, namely Gee Dub's Poster Power Rankings were subject to criticism for being too biased and heavily weighted towards past "reputation" in the league. The Flogcutters' threads aimed to remove this subjectivity by appointing a representative from each of the eight SFA clubs. Initial response to the threads was angered, and caused controversy within the league.[3][4][1]


Name Team
beez Baghdad Bombers
Filthy Sanchez Fighting Furies
Broken Roys FFC
Claypigeon Geelong Gumbies
Eth Mount Buller Demons
Gibbsy Southern Dragons
Itsmyshow East Side Hawks
Wise Guy Sam West Coast Wonders


Following the announcement of the "Flogcutters" name, BILC produced a short song to coincide with the press release. The lyrics are a parody of the "Stonecutters" theme song from popular TV comedy The Simpsons.

Who controls HurleyGun the clown? Who keeps flog numbers down? We do! We do!

Who helps stop SKM's crap? Who pats Broken on the back? We do! We do!

Who helps keep floggery afar? Who makes PVF, a star! We do! We do!

Who robs pants of his delight? Who rigs every Mobbs Medal night? We do! Weee dooooo!