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Personal information
Original teamRoys FFC
Club information
Current clubLas Vegas Bears
Playing career1
YearsClubGames (Goals)
S03-S08, S14-S17
Roys FFC
Las Vegas Bears
Roys FFC
191 (68)
16 (4)
7 (1)
214 (73)
Representative team honours
YearsTeamGames (Goals)
Series 10-Vic Country10 (5)
1 Playing statistics to end of round seven S20 .
Career highlights
Roys FFC logo as of Seasons 14 & 15

Broken was an inagural member of the Roys FFC, winning a premiership in Season 4 and in Season 05 was crowned the Mobbenfuhrer Medal winner. From there his career never reached those heights as he was unceromoniously dumped from the starting lineup in Season 8 which led to him walking out on the club.

Nobody knew where Broken went, although recent revelations that he is named after a Nine Inch Nails EP most likely explains a mysterious spate of fat goth chicks falling pregnant between Seasons 8 and 13.

During this hiatus the Roys B&F award was named in his honour and surprisingly Broken heeded the siren call of Mobbenfuhrer and returned to the Roys for Season 14. Season 15 saw Broken start up the relatively successful media series SFA Someday and saw him recruited in to the Flogcutters fraternity.

Hiding away from the numerous paternity suits has seen Broken spend his free time in becoming a font of statistics, providing career leader stats, Mobbs medal stats and the Season 16 and 17 season stats.

His efforts on and off field led to him being inducted in to the SFA Hall of Fame after Season 16.

Following the Roys FFC Russian Roulette captaincy policy Broken found himself as the Roys 3rd captain in as many seasons as he took the helm for Season 17.

Midway through Season 17, he announced his desire to relaunch the Las Vegas Bears. However, at the conclusion of Season 17 he announced he was abandoning the bid and disappeared from the Sweet FA as unexpectedly as he'd reappeared.

In S19 He reappeared on the SFA scene, joining Las Vegas Bears as he had stated 2 seasons earlier.