The Half Back

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The Half Back
Personal information
Height/Weight181cm 75kg
Club information
Current clubDragons FFC
Playing career1
YearsClubGames (Goals)
Dragons FFC
Las Vegas Bears
Dragons FFC
65 (32)
33 (25)
71 (16)
Representative team honours
YearsTeamGames (Goals)
S14-Vic Country10(3)
1 Playing statistics to end of S19 .
2 State and International statistics correct as of S18.
Career highlights

EKA Medal S14

The Half Back is a classy, skillful right footed backman who ironically does not play on the half back line, but instead plays full back in the fantasy football league the SweetFA. THB started his career at the Dragons FFC and played under Ljp86 for his first four seasons. THB won the EKA Medallist for being the best first year player as voted by the captains in his debut season at the Dragons.

The Half Back played four seasons for the Dragons FFC in a wide range of positions ranging from wing, half forward, half back, interchange and more before moving north to pursue a permanent leadership role at the Las Vegas Bears. Back played two years at the Bears where he was voted by his peers as the best teammate to room with.

In a miraculous fourth return to the SFA, THB is back with the Dragons after popping up during the Hall of Fame games. Back is the only player in SFA history to play on both teams during the one game when the Bears all time XX played against the Dragons all time XX at the start of the season 25 season.

THB is known in the SFA for his mass posting and hate for The Jet formally known as Jobe3votes. After his first season of spamming the shit out of the league, THB mellowed out and became a regular name around the league. After just 63 games spread across 4 seasons, Back decided that he had had enough of the Dragons FFC and made the move to the re-formed Las Vegas Bears. His reason for the change of scenery is "I'm a new THB and I need a new start, pantskyle has offered me that and I have gladly accepted."

The Half Back is a born leader, as his resume clearly states. He was part of the Dragons leadership group from season 15 up until his move at the end of season 17. The Half Back had a minor leadership role at the Bears in his first season but is now a regular member of the leadership group. THB has also been a part of the leadership group for Vic Country in the State of Origin over his 6 seasons in the league.

Back was apart of the Dragons FFC first ever winning final and losing Grand Final side. Playing in the back pocket and collecting 15 disposals in his last game in the Red, Black and White. After the match, Back stated that he wished to be a part of another franchise and thus, the move to the Bears was completed. Signing as a free agent after the Grand Final loss, Back knew his opportunities at the Dragons would be limited. Stating that he would never close the door on his beloved Dragon Island return but after a strong first season with the Bears, Dragon fans may not see one of their beloved sons return anytime soon.

All of this changed after just two seasons at the Bears. Back became disgruntled with the lack of talent the Bears had on offer and, just like his childhood hero Trent Croad, back the move back home to Dragon Island. The rejuvenated Back is now one of the Dragons elder statesman, having played over 100 games for the Dragons and over 150 in total. Entering his 12th season in the league, THB is widely regarded as one of the best players to ever play the game without winning a Grand Final.

Early in his career there was an incident involving The Half Back and Beez which really set the kids world on fire. It is believed that The Half Back credited his EKA Medal win to Beez for tearing him a new one. PS, pantskyle is the worst captain in the SFA.