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File:Geelong Gumbies S14 Logo.jpg
Personal information
Full nameStFly
Nickname(s)Fly / Streets
Date of birth271 BC
Original teamGeelong Gumbies
Height/Weight174 cm / 72 kg
Position(s) Utility
Club information
Current clubGeelong Gumbies
Playing career1
YearsClubGames (Goals)
S12-Geelong Wolves96 (87)
Representative team honours
YearsTeamGames (Goals)
S13 –Vic Metro6 (1)
1 Playing statistics to end of Round 8, S17 .
Career highlights

StFly is a current player for the Geelong Wolves in the Sweet FA.



Having started in the BFFCL competition, StFly had chosen fantasy cricket over fantasy AFL life, unbeknownst to him was that in running his captain out in the very first match of the season would see him purposely poached by an opponent who, at that time, was captain of the Geelong Gumbies. Deciding that he could carve a name for himself as some sort of bad luck charm with captains and captaincy, StFly thought what the hell and decided to come along in Season 12, lining up on the wing, half back and half forward flanks before finding a niche as an undersized ruckman which saw him match it with league verterans despite not tasting similar success in the BFFCL.

A well loved and respected larrikin often seen confusing the masses with his mixture of furry demeanour like them pokeymans or utterly irritating people, he's become a cornerstone to the modern Gumbies.

Early Days[edit]

StFly was welcomed with open arms by the Gumbies as "one who showed promise" and "a likely sort" by then vice captain Rojo Jnr, however, his first season at the club was rather underwhelming, as he found himself emulating Bryce Gibbs and front running like a squib. This all changed in round 09 when StFly was shifted into the ruck to replace the them inactive RangaInTeal, for his superhuman redheadedness had failed him so, which culminated in the beginning to what would be StFly's best season at the Gumbies in Season 13 after he was voted as being the second best newbie in the EKA Medal being bested by Gus who everyone knows is a talentless hack who got carded anyway.

Controversy and Captaincy[edit]

During the off season separating Season 12 and Season 13, then vice captain Rojo Jnr proceeded to get permabanned, completely bending over and rorting his club something shocking, a "fresh face" was needed to reinvigorate the side in the wake of this stupidity, and thus, StFly found himself as the replacement vice captain, which saw a complete and total ballsing up of duties as captain peterss often found himself unable to name a line up.Despite copping penalty points and disdain by individuals outside of the club for failing in his duties, StFly promptly envisioned devoring their pets dogs and regurgitating it during their happy moments as a prompt STFU, and, with this innate fire stormed into contention for the Mobbenfuhrer Medal count by the end of the season, occupying a usual slot for IMS in equal third, as ruckmen dominated that season.

Co-Captaincy and the future of tomorrow[edit]

This rich vein of form continued during Season 14 despite the ruck position being somewhat nerfed, and what many expected as a natural progression and should have happened anyway, StFly was appointed as co-captain halfway during this season, which saw the vice captaincy spot vacated and subsequently given to our brilliant support team and stalwarts in Claypigeon and Lion Cub 16 to hopefully usher in the beginnings of a core group to bring the Geelong Gumbies penultimate premiership success.


Season GM D HO K M H T FF FA G B
S12 16 237 67 127 41 110 23 8 17 5 7
S13 17 342 158 182 15 160 46 21 19 14 5
S14 16 313 170 156 0 157 35 19 13 6 9
Total 49 892 395 465 56 427 104 48 49 25 21