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Personal information
Original teamRoys FFC
Club information
Current clubRoys FFC
Playing career1
YearsClubGames (Goals)
Roys FFC
West Coast Wonders
Roys FFC
35 (23)
6 (6)
2 (1)
43 (30)
Representative team honours
YearsTeamGames (Goals)
Series 9-NSW & ACT15 (9)
1 Playing statistics to end of Round 8, S17 .
Career highlights

S15 EKA Medal

Roys FFC logo as of Seasons 14 & 15

pantskyle is a current player for Las Vegas Bears in the Sweet FA. Bucking the trend of only Brisbane/Fitzroy supporters playing for the Roys, West Coast Eagles supporter pantskyle was a new recruit to the Roys FFC in Season 15, and quickly became known for his prolific board activity and obsession with legwear. Onfield, pantskyle offered much to the Gorillas' ruck stocks. He was tagged early as an EKA Medal prospect after winning the best rookie award in the SoO series.

pantskyle capped of the season taking out the EKA medal. He was also named in the Forward Pocket of the SFA All Stars team. His season will go down as one of the best for a Rookie ever recorded.

He started S16 as joint Captain of the NSW/ACT side in SoO. With NSW/ACT winning the Grand Final. S16 at the Roys proved to be a horror show with the Gorilla's claiming the wooden spoon. pantskyle was named the Broken Medal winner as the best player for the season. After two seasons at Brunswick pantskyle moved to the Wonders for S17 and straight into a Vice-Captain position, becoming a turncoat flog. This move was short-lived however after he was quickly turned upon by the league's biggest club due to a disagreement and was traded back to the Roys for 5, perhaps 6, packets of Werther's Originals during the trade period. His personal opinion on the references to player's family members differed from the values and culture that the Wonders had set and he quickly realised that he was not a respected leader and would be better off in another location. His six games in the Wonders uniform will be etched in history as one of the biggest mistakes in the entirety of the SFA by a player as it became clear that private team information was available for sale. Pantskyle handed back the VC and quit the club due to not being able to trust his teammates and for the lack of leadership shown.

Whilst in club limbo pantskyle made an agreement with Roys captain Broken to reform the Las Vegas Bears.

After joining the Roys for a second time pantskyle played every remaining game with the Roys which lead to a finals appearance. However he was not able to capture his early season form and the Roys were bundled out in the first game.

Since the Roys season ended pantskyle had lost Broken from the Bears bid to retirement and has pushed on with the Bears bid.