Geelong Wolves

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Geelong Wolves
Full name Geelong Wolves Fantastical Football Department
Nickname(s) Gumbies, Gumbots, Those Clay Bastards, Direwolves, Wolves
Season 16
Premiership 1st
Home-and-away season 2nd
Leading goalkicker StFly (39)
Best and fairest Mr Gor
Club details
Founded Season 04
Colours Blue, Teal, White
Competition Sweet FA
Captain(s) peterss & StFly
Premierships 1
Ground(s) The Lair

The Geelong Wolves are a fantasy football club competing in the Sweet FA, based at the The Lair.

The Wolves were born in Season 04 as the Geelong Gumbies under inaugural captain Catman during an expansion and consolidation of the league which saw 2 licenses revoked, and five given to interested parties. Since their addition to the league, the Wolves have had eight captains, culminating in the current co-captaincy arrangement between incumbent peterss and the anointed from Season 12; StFly, who had held the Vice Captains role for Season 13. Despite an envied top end of talent, the Wolves continue to struggle to retain the middle group of player, which often leads them always on the cusp of promise.


The Geelong Wolves were created in Season 04 under the moniker of "Gumbies" through the application to then administrator EaglesKickAss and remains the 5th oldest club in the league behind the West Coast Wonders, Mount Buller Demons, Fighting Furies and Roys_FFC.

S04 to S06 - The Early Years[edit]

Main article: Geelong Gumbies Football Club Season 04

After been born into the Sweet FA the Geelong Gumbies had a few lean years while they watched their other newly formed brethren in the Bombers and the Swamprats tasted early positive results.

Despite this The Gumbies had a period of stability under the guidance of inaugural captain Catman which lasted three years from Season 04 to Season 06.

S07 to S10 - The Promising Start[edit]

In a promising start to Season 07 the Geelong Gumbies made the pre-season grand final in Season 07 and were triumphant over the Alberton Swamprats.

S07 Pre-Season Grand Final: Geelong Gumbies 11.9.75 def Alberton Swamprats 10.9.69

This was a promising start to what was once again a frustrating period at the clubs. During the period from Season 07 through to Season 09 The Gumbies had six different captains in three years.

Ninty to Winty[edit]

In Season 10 the Gumbies would once again settle into some stability under new captain Ninty famously known for the Ninty2Winty (CHF to FF) set up.

S11 and S12 - The High before the Low[edit]

A strong season, where The Gumbies finished Minor Premiers, would see them meet the Fighting Furies in the Season 11 Grand Final. The Furies were looking to make it back-to-back premierships after winning in Season 10 and they succeeded with The Gumbies going down by 20pts.

Fighting Furies 17.13.115 def Geelong Gumbies 14.11.95

Despite being Minor Premiers there was little shame in losing against a team that were in the middle of a Furious Dynasty that had them win three premierships in four years (S08, S10 & S11).

Season 11 would also see captain Ninty hand over the reigns to Peterss after 2 strong years as captain. This was possibly a sign of things to come as the activity of The Gumbies would steadily drop away from this season to Season 12.

S13 and S14 - Rebirth of The Gumbies[edit]

After a disappointing Season 13 both on and off the field, The Gumbies decided to build on some solid recruiting by starting a serious rebuild of the club. These recruits would include StFly (S12), Claypigeon (S13) and Lion Cub 16 (S13) who would eventually form the leadership group in the following seasons.

Through out Season 14 the team would cop the tag of inactivity despite showing marked improvement on the previous season. The Gumbies would cop this on the chin though and use it as motivation to continue the rebuild they had already embarked on.

S15 - The Beginning[edit]

During the Off-Season leading up to Season 15 the team would continue this recruitment which would see it turn over nearly half of it's list. Other clubs have done similarly but a minor point of difference is that most of The Gumbies recruits have come from outside the league, a nod to the leadership's ability to attract new players to the club.

During Season 15 Pre-Season, The Gumbies would blood much of their youth dropping the Ninty2Winty to the bench and pushing new players into core roles on the field to encourage them, reward activity and create a hunger in the group. The karma-like reward for this would see the Gumbies make the Grand Final of this competition.

Unfortunately it didn't translate to the Premiership season as the Gumbies found their way to their first wooden spoon in the club's history.

S16 - From Worst to First[edit]

After claiming the wooden spoon the previous year, spirits remained high at the beginning of Season 16 as they all concluded that they could only move up. The team quickly adopted the message "Year of the Clay" and it could be seen chanted through every match thread, against every opponent.

This upbeat tempo proved successful as the Gumbies finished 2nd on the ladder after the Home & Away season in a stunning turnaround of form. The Gumbies weren't content with that though as the marched onwards with the sole aim of claiming their maiden Premiership.

First Qualifying Final V East Side Hawks[edit]

Their first game of the SFA Finals Series would be on the road against the East Side Hawks. The Hawks would lead at every change but the Gumbies slowly closed the gap and took the lead in the last quarter, only to have PooMonkey equalise for the Hawks. At the 12 minute mark, Matt121 missed from point blank range to give the Hawks a 1 point lead in a low scoring quarter. But as the clock ticked over to 13 minutes, the floodgates opened for the boys in blue with goals to Krazy Kris, BoshtrichBurger, Redemptionin09 & Teeth149 as the Gumbies ran out 23 point winners.

Second Semi Final V Fighting Furies[edit]

Next up were the Fighting Furies in front of a sell-out crowd at the House of Gumby. There wasn't much to write home about though as the Gumbies got demolished by a clean, technically sound Furies outfit who shot out of the gates, never to be seen again as the yellow and black won by a very convincing 70 points.

Preliminary Final V East Side Hawks[edit]

Due to the unique nature of the SFA Finals Series that year, the Gumbies moved on the Preliminary Final against the Hawks yet again who had already lost twice that series. The House of Gumby was sold out again although it was slightly easier to spot opposition supporters this time but for the fans that showed up, they were not disappointed. In a complete reversal from the week before, the Gumbies were handing out the punishment as the Hawks went down by 63 points. This set up a clash yet again with the Fighting Furies and would be a rematch of the Gumbies only other Grand Final appearance back in S11.

Grand Final V Fighting Furies[edit]

Gumbymania had exploded as hundreds of thousands of fans made the trek to Boncer's Castle for the S16 Grand Final. Little did anyone know, just how historic this game would become. The Gumbies lead at every change albeit by 10 or less points. Their inaccurate kicking kept the Furies in with a chance all day and they looked to strike as fightingfury_88 put the Furies ahead 100-99 early in the last quarter. After a miss by wotdoiput, Filthy Sanchez slotted a goal from point blank to give the yellow and black a 6 point lead at the 12 minute mark.

With Jeremias 5th behind for the day, Gumbies fans couldn't bare to see another loss eventuate to the Furies. The cool head of winty shone through as he kicked his 4th for the day and put the Gumbies ahead by 1 with 10 minutes remaining. It was at the 20th minute when the Gumbies began to dream as the standout Best and Fairest for the Gumbies all season, Mr Gor, kicked home a marvellous goal that put the Gumbies up by 7 and looked to seal the fate of the Furies.

The Furies wouldn't be discouraged though as they took just 90 seconds to bring the margin back to just 1 point. The last 3 minutes would be a vicious tussle for possession as the Gumbies ran the clock out to hold on by 1 point in what many are calling the best Grand Final in the history of the Sweet F.A.

BoshtrichBurger would cap it off by winning the Deestroy Medal.

The Gumbies S16 Premiership Side
B: covvy Barkly St End Teeth149
HB: krisholio14 Tayl0r mellowyellow
C: Claypigeon Mr Gor A Bit High
HF: wotdoiput Bucketss Jeremias
F: TheDoctor11 StFly (c) winty
R: BoshtrichBurger peterss (c) whoopsman
Int: Krazy Kris Redemptionin09
Coach: Qooty


The Wolves sought to move from their association to the Geelong Cats of the AFL by taking their traditional hooped design and general blue and white colour scheme and replacing them with a grey, white and navy number. Each season the club has accepted offers or petitioned for alterations to their jumpers, variations of a theme as the colour scheme was always kept, Season 14 being no exception.

The Guernsey[edit]

Season 14 Variant[edit]

Season 14 Guernsey

In Season 14 the Home jumper saw a return to the hard edge with muted colours; navy blue and teal, being the primary set, adorned with white trimming. The Away jumper replaces the hoop design with a horizontal tri-colour, divided by a white line at the chest, this theme is inverted for the Clash variation.

Current Squad[edit]

Geelong Gumbies Season 17 squad
Full squad Leadership

  • (c) Captain
  • (vc) Vice captain
  • (r) Rookie

Club honours[edit]

Honour roll[edit]

Individual awards[edit]

Best and Fairest (Construction Certificate)[edit]

Mobbenfuhrer Medal winners[edit]

Geelong Wolves Rising Star Award winners[edit]

Best Clubman winners[edit]

Golden Boot winners[edit]

  • winty (S11) 66 Goals
  • Not Officially Awarded - Most likely winty though
  • winty (S13) ?? Goals
  • winty (S14) 32 Goals
  • Bucketss (S17)- 63 Goals
  • DREAM TEAM BUFF (S18) - 43 Goals
  • DREAM TEAM BUFF (S19) - 62 Goals

Gumbies Finals Player of the Year[edit]

Tool of the Year[edit]

EKA Medal winners[edit]

Frankston Rover Award winners[edit]

AlfAndrews Medal winners[edit]

All-SFA representatives[edit]

Season 15[edit]

  • Claypigeon - Wing
  • StFly - Center Half Back

Season 16[edit]

  • Tayl0r - CHB
  • Mr Gor - Centre

Season 17[edit]

  • A Bit High - HFF

Season 18[edit]

  • A Bit High - HFF
  • Tayl0r - HBF

Season 19[edit]

  • A Bit High - HBF
  • Willo_ - Int

Season 20[edit]

  • A Bit High - Wing

Match records[edit]

Records set by players[edit]

  • Most matches: 156 WaLkEr_ThE_StAr
  • Most goals in career: 361 winty
  • Most goals in a season: 106 Rizzo - S03
  • Most goals in a single match: 10 Rizzo - S05R13 vs Furies
  • Most Best and Fairest awards: 2 Claypigeon
  • Most Dream Team points in career: 8896 peterss
  • Most Dream Team points in a season: Unknown
  • Most Dream Team points in a single match: 184* Portentous

*At the end of Season 13


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Season Captain Best and Fairest Leading Goalkicker
S04 Catman None Awarded RIZZ0 (84)
S05 Catman None Awarded RIZZ0 (106)
S06 Catman Carn_The_Cattas Carn_The_Cattas (51)
S07 Carn_The_Cattas handed over to Cats2rise None Awarded Mooney D'King (30)
S08 Metallica Man handed over to krisholio14 Unknown Hairy Cat Mooney (70)
S09 krisholio14 handed over to Ninty None Awarded winty (48)
S10 Ninty Perth Swans winty (45)
S11 Ninty handed over to peterss peterss winty (66)
S12 peterss Rojo_Jnr winty (45)
S13 peterss StFly winty (69)
S14 peterss and StFly Claypigeon winty (32)
S15 peterss and StFly Claypigeon and Marklar_33 TheDoctor11 (24)
S16 peterss and StFly Mr Gor winty (32)
S17 peterss and A Bit High BoshtrichBurger Bucketss (63)
S18 A Bit High A Bit High DREAM TEAM BUFF (43)
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