Furious Dynasty

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Refers to the period from Season 08 to Season 11 where a period of dominance by the Fighting Furies saw them win three premierships in four seasons including back-to-back premiers in S10 and S11.

S08 - A New Champ[edit]

(Requires Season 08 synopsis)

S08 Grand Final: Fighting Furies 16.7.103 def. East Side Hawks 12.10.82

S10 - The Furies Fight Back[edit]

(Requires Season 10 synopsis)

S10 Grand Final: Fighting Furies 19.19.133 def. West Coast Wonders 9.17.71

S11 - Return of the Furies[edit]

(Requires Season 11 synopsis)

S11 Grand Final: Fighting Furies 17.13.115 def Geelong Gumbies 14.11.95

The Phantom Curse[edit]

Eventually The Curse would catch up with the Fighting Furies. .. More to come. ..