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fitzroybowiedog (nee fitzroybulldog)
Personal information
Original teamRoys FFC
Club information
Current clubRoys FFC
Playing career1
YearsClubGames (Goals)
Roys FFC107 (41)
55 (41)
Representative team honours
YearsTeamGames (Goals)
SoO11-Allies15 (6)
1 Playing statistics to end of S18 .
Career highlights

S16 SoO Premiership Allies
S16 Woodenspooner Roys FFC
S18 Roys FFC Broken Medalist Roys FFC
S19 Roys FFC Captain Roys FFC
SoO13 Allies Captain Allies

Roys FFC logo as of Seasons 14 & 15

fitzroybowiedog is a current player with the Roys FFC. He is decidedly average.
fitzroybowiedog debuted in the first Round of Season 16 in the SFA, and since that dazzling debut, he has mostly gone from strength to strength. Well some people know his name. After a couple of disappearing acts during Season 16 and Season 17, he finally produced a scintillating Season 18 performance, and somehow managed to win the Roys FFC Best and Fairest award the Broken Medal. At the conclusion of Season 18, in a daring and surprising move, fitzroybowiedog assumed the captaincy of the Roys FCC, promising a better brighter future.
Whilst toiling away at the Roys in the Season 18 - 19 offseason, to prepare himself for the Roys FFC leadership role, he took the reigns of the Allies State of Origin team and led them to an abysmal State of Origin carnival.

In his spare time he worships David Bowie, lives in Jakarta and is generally an annoyance.