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Personal information
Position(s)Half-forward flank
Club information
Current clubGold City Royals
Playing career1
YearsClubGames (Goals)
Gold City Royals
0 (0)
1 Playing statistics to end of .

COHL is a current player for Gold City Royals in the Sweet FA.

He is yet to make his debut in the regular season.

Early life[edit]

Born as coolknot, he was a graphic designer. He quit his job a few years in, and was on the verge of becoming homeless. But he asked for his job back, and his desperate request was accepted. Despite being now a professional athlete, he still works at Footy Jumpers and Graphic Design every day.

When he renewed his passport, there was a mix-up at the post office and the passport showed his name as COHL, which he decided to change it to permanently and has stuck ever since.

Debut season[edit]


COHL during his preseason debut

In the first preseason game, he had not one effective disposal.

However, in the rest of the pre-season he played solidly, even scoring four goals in one game.