Barkly St End

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Barkly St End
File:Geelong Gumbies S14 Logo.jpg
Personal information
Full nameBarkly St End
Nickname(s)BSE, Barkly
Date of birth1 Jan 1990
Height/Weight196 cm / 95 kg
Position(s)KP Defender
Club information
Current clubGeelong Gumbies
Playing career1
YearsClubGames (Goals)
S12S13 & S15Geelong Gumbies
1 Playing statistics to end of .
Career highlights

Played for the Gumbies

Barkly St End (born 1 Jan 1994) is a current Sweet FA player for the Geelong Gumbies.

Player History[edit]

Barkly was named after the celebrated NBA basketballer, Charles Barkley. Unfortunately his parents could not spell.

Barkly graduated through the usual lunchtime school sports activities of the day: handball, marbles, British Bulldogs, and then one day, something happened that would change his life forever.

As if they had not done enough for him already, his parents gifted him a plastic football for his 10th birthday.

Barkly eagerly took the football out into the back yard, and christened his brand new football.

Being the dumb kid that he was, Barkly managed to put the full brunt of his instep smack, bang on to the end of the footy, which sent him into painful convulsions.

The wind then grabbed hold of the newly air born footy, and sent it sailing over the neighbour's fence, where an angry Scottish Terrier pounced on it and tore it to shreds.

It took many, many years for Barkly to recover from this mishap. They said that he would never be able to kick another plastic footy again, but this only spurred him on, and with cheap rubber footies from India all the vogue, he was able to find his niche in life.

Barkly still holds the school record from the biggest torp with a rubber footy.

Season 12[edit]

Joined the Gumbies.