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|fullname = Baghdad Bombers Fantasy Football Club |nicknames = Bombers |season = Season 14 |afterfinals = 1st |home&away = 3rd |topgoalkicker = Matt121 (38) |founded = Season 04 refIntroduced as BigFooty Bombers, renamed to Baghdad Bombers in S09, renamed to Baghdad Bandits during S18 - S22 |colours = Red and Black |league = Sweet FA |captain = [[HaroLad] |premierships = Three |ground = Abdu Prison |jumper = Black with red sash |bestandfairest = Gee Dub}}

The Baghdad Bombers is a fantasy football club competing in the Sweet F.A., based at Abdu Prison.

Originally named the BigFooty Bombers and restricted to Essendon supporters only, it is now a ‘free for all’ club with supporters of all AFL sides welcome. Since their introduction into the SFA, the bombers have been known for their successful culture, winning three premierships and competing in multiple finals series.


The Early Years: Seasons 4 - 7

The Bigfooty Bombers were established as a club in the break between season 3 and season 4 of the SFA. The original home ground of the club was Windy Hill and the original captain was Dougthelegend. The first season was immediately successful with the club finishing on top of the ladder at the end of the home and away rounds. This success was short-lived as the season ended in heartbreak as they were pipped at the post by the Roys in the grand final. Despite falling at the final hurdle, the inaugural season was a successful one from an individual point of view with star midfielder Stegelator winning the Mobbenfuhrer medal for the best player in the competition. The count was dominated by the Bombers with captain Dougthelegend finishing a close second after leading the goal kicking for the Bombers.

Season five saw a sensational case of the second year blues for the Bombers. The captain was changed from Dougthelegend to Waspy and this did not bring the desired result. They finished the home and away season at the bottom of the ladder, winning only three games for the entire season. To date this is still the only wooden spoon awarded to the Bombers.

Dougthelegend regained the captaincy for season six as the Bombers looked to regain their form from their first season. Despite winning the first game of the season, this plan did not initially materialise with the Bombers going into their round five clash with the Roys at one and three, and struggling down the foot of the ladder. The match started poorly for the Bombers with a premiership point deduction being imposed for a late side submission. Despite playing well, bad kicking cost the Bombers in the end and the match ended up in the Bomber’s first ever draw. In spite of not gaining the points from this game, it was a turning point for the Bombers as they went on to finish fourth on the ladder and were knocked out in the preliminary finals by the eventual premiers, Alberton.

The Bombers had now had two near misses in their first three seasons in their pursuit of a maiden premiership. A change was made in the captaincy for season 7 with the reigning best and fairest winner, Ant555, taking charge. The Bombers again started slowly, losing five of their first seven games of the home and away season. They hit form at the right time of the year however, winning nine out of their last ten games including the grand final by six points against the Fighting Furies. Ant555’s excellent season was capped off with the Deestroy medal for the best performed player in the grand final.

Baghdad Bombers: Seasons 8 - 13

For the third time in the club's first five seasons, Dougthelegend took over as captain for season 8. The season did not start well for the Bombers, they were unable to record a victory until round six. This horror start was coupled with Dougthelegend going AWOL, resulting in the stripping of premiership points due to a team not being named on multiple occasions. There was definitely a premiership hangover happening at the Bombers. As a result of Dougthelegend's absence, High Ryder became the club's fourth captain. This was a dark time for the Bombers with posting numbers at an all time low. High Ryder spent the second half of the season picking the club off the ground with a recruiting drive. The on-field results remained poor with the club finishing second last on the table. At the end of Season 8 club great Boncer34 returned in spectacular fashion publicly and brutally dismissing Vice-Captain jack_riewoldt_rulz, he then challeneged High_Ryder and got him to resign his captaincy. However Boncer refused to claim the role for himself creating an unusual circumstance where the club effectively had no captain, however his master plan was soon revealed when he lured Doggiesin08 across from his Vice-Captain role at the Wonders to fill the Captains void at the Bombers. It was during this period Boncer dismantled the Bombers only policy for good, much to the disgust of Ant555, and merged the Bigfooty Bombers with the Fantasy Cricket Club the Baghdad Bombers essentially gifting the club 12 strong posters at once.

Current Era: Seasons 14 onwards


Black, red and gold.


Baghdad's home and away guernseys.

The Bandits' current main guernsey consists of a black base with red and gold stripes. The gold is a new addition and a deviation from the black and red used in previous seasons under the Bombers moniker.

Club Symbols[edit]

To be added.

Current Squad[edit]

Baghdad Bombers Season 15 squad
Full squad Leadership


  • beez
  • loopy_cam

Assistant coaches

  • Shadow Man
  • Gee Dub

  • (c) Captain
  • (vc) Vice captain
  • (r) Rookie
  • (hvc) Honorary Vice Captain

Club Honours[edit]

  • Premierships: S07, S09 & S14
  • Minor premierships:
  • Pre-season premierships:

Honour Roll[edit]

Season Captain Best and Fairest Leading Goalkicker
S04 dougthelegend Stegelator dougthelegend (128)
S05 waspy Brisbane Bombers Brisbane Bombers (68)
S06 dougthelegend ant555 Brisbane Bombers (50)
S07 ant555 boncer34 Nonchalance (46)
S08 High Ryder boncer34 High Ryder (34)
S09 doggiesin08 and loopy_cam loopy_cam High Ryder (28)
S10 loopy_cam and sausageroll sausageroll HawkPatrol (47)
S11 sausageroll Unknown HawkPatrol (65)
S12 loopy_cam unknown loopy_cam (34)
S13 loopy_cam Shadow Man Farrand (43)
S14 loopy_cam Shadow Man Matt121 (38)
S15 beez ThePuppetMaster okeydoke7 (36)
S16 Gee Dub ThePuppetMaster okeydoke7 (61)
S17 Gee Dub Gee Dub Bengwatkins (73)
S18 Gee Dub Gee Dub Bengwatkins (72)
S19 Bengwatkins

Individual awards[edit]

ant555 Medal[edit]

Stegelator (Season 04)

Brisbane Bombers (Season 05)

ant555 (Season 06)

Boncer34 (Season 07)

unknown (Season 08)

loopy_cam (Season 09)

sausageroll (Season 10)

unknown (Season 11)

unknown (Season 12)

Shadow Man (Season 13)

Shadow Man (Season 14)

ThePuppetMaster (Season 15)

ThePuppetMaster (Season 16)

Gee Dub (Season 17)

Mobbenfuhrer Medal winners[edit]

Stegelator (S04)

EKA Medal winners[edit]

Frankston Rover Award winners[edit]

AlfAndrews Medal winners[edit]

All-SFA representatives[edit]

(Season 04) - Mantis; Stegelator; Dougthelegend

(Season 09) - Doggiesin08; loopy_cam; HawkPatrol

(Season 10) - Doggiesin08; HawkPatrol; Efl_represent; sausageroll

(Season 11) - sausageroll

(Season 12) - loopy_cam

(Season 13) - loopy_cam; Farrand

(Season 14) - beez; Matt121; Shadow Man


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To be added.


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